Defense Department is ‘fat cat’ in

While other federal departments are struggling to meet President Carter’s requirement to thin their slices of the fiscal 1981 US budget pie up to 15 percent, Only the Defense Department will not be asked to cut its share.Analysts outside Cheap NFL Jerseys,Buy College Football Jerseys From China Special Deals Online
the defense facilities view the Pentagon, in contrast, simply “fatty acids cat” using the fiscal year, possessing a $158.7 billion request that
already is being multiplied.Since Defense Department spokesman Thomas Ross confirmed late last month that the White House had not included the Pentagon in located for budget trims, firms these new developments:would you pass a US citizenship test?The subcommittee has counseled adding six ships costing $2.2 million to the fiscal 1981 budget. The Iran Afghanistan crisis situation requires lasting US naval presence in the Indian Ocean. This led the committee to suggest modernizing the old aircraft carrier Oriskany and also acquiring of mothballs the New jersey, A world war II era battleship.that a 93,000 ton nuclear powered aircraft carrier, you see, the Carl Vinson, sibling ship of the USS Nimitz and USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, Is to be delivered March 15 at Newport News, veterans administration, And is slated for delivery to the Navy in 1982, The Pentagon released. for ages, The Navy has sought 90 nuclear electric power attack submarines, Like the Los Angeles class subs now being built, To counteract Soviet submarines and escort US surface task forces.Instead of building only one Los Angeles class submarine and designing a slower, discounted sub (Nicknamed “unsightly fat Albert”), As the organization requested, the panel has added $906.6 million for two more l. a class subs and insisted
on designing a new type, Larger and less affordable than “excess Albert,It also added nearly $500 million for two guided missile frigates and $47 million for expediting work and repairs on a new class of amphibious assault ships, Called LSD 41s usable in the Persian Gulf Jerseys Wholesale: MLB Baseball Shirts, Caps, Jerseys Cheap China
or other locations where marines and supplies have to land upon beaches, Without access to port crops. the environment Force jerseys free shipping
Chief of Staff, generation. Lew Allen junior, Recently remarked that US airlift capacity is so deficient that the Air Force could probably muster only half of actual needs for flying troops and cargo to Europe during the first 15 days of a NATO emergency.that is why, Defense Secretary Harold Brown ordered the Air Force to move plans for first operational use of the protected new wide bodied CX cargo plane still on enter boards from fiscal 1986 or 1987, As earlier plotted, To no after than Oct. 1, 1985.The fiscal 1981 budget want is for $80.7 million to begin CX sourcing, when a design is chosen, by using $408.9 million designed for fiscal 1982. however some congressmen, In the words of one Pentagon analyst, happen to have been ready to “Throw extra cash at us than we asked for” In some apps, The CX does not have strong support in the important House military Research and Development Subcommittee. Some congressmen reportedly believe CX funds could be better used to build more C 5 galaxy carries. Inflation is hitting nearly all the Pentagon’s major movement programs, similar to the Navy’s McDonnell Douglas F 18A fighter. A new report offers a program cost increase of $5.1 billion because of it fighter alone.the environment Force’s F 16, Being coproduced by General Dynamics and a European range, and also be sold to both Israel and Egypt, is now up in cost by $3.4 thousand.

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